DDS Group has the true international reach and the financial capability to procure significant volumes of the following key commodities

  • We are able to achieve price reductions below international trading indices such as the LME and the NYME for precious, semi precious & construction or engineering grade metals
  • Due to our extensive network and partnerships with global shipping or logistics companies and port authorities, we can ensure the safe and expedient delivery of all products & materials.
  • We offer a turnkey procurement process for Bulk Fuel sales, managing the entire supply chain end to end for our clients.
  • Our Bulk Fuel pricing breakdown for all Mid-Distillates will be comprised of PLATTS + Premium and Transportation.

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About Us

  • DDS Group specialises in procurement and operational oversight in harsh & challenging environments including, hazardous freight movement, the sourcing and delivery of all bulk fuel natures, with full logistical support in these environments to compliment & enhance the government agencies and their sub-contractors.
  • Staff.
    DDS Group has been operating since 2003. Our team of seasoned professionals bring many years of international cross-border business with specialists skills in the fields of logistics, bulk fuel supply, procurement, support and management services.
  • Reputation.
    DDS Group is well known for its dedicated and unwavering client interface, providing fast and comprehensive solutions to client and partner requirements. Always seeking to exceed client expectations DDS Group works consistently to achieve industry leading standards and quality.
  • Expertise.
    DDS Group can deploy suitably qualified and experienced staff and assets worldwide at short notice to enable and deliver on key project solutions.

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Get in Touch!

If you would like more information on the DDS Group’s products & services, then please fill-in the enclosed web-form and a member of the DDSG Team will be in touch with you shortly: